Our Mission:
Provision of general expertise and technical support in education management, skills development and entrepreneurship
Our Vision:
To be a company that is best placed at providing technical support for improved service delivery
Enabling technological Innovations is at the core of our mission as we believe this is the only way through which we can remotely reach those that have limited physical infrastructure to access social services

The Team

Our team has extensive technical knowledge and experience on results based management, policy and systems strengthening. Our experience working with various organisations including government institutions, non-government institutions, civil society organisations, private sector, united nations and donor communities places as at the best place in undertaking strategic/programme evaluations and analyses.
Our expertise enables us to deliver sustainable results effectively and efficiently. While understanding what it’s like to stand in your shoes and confront the challenges you face. All our consultants are specialists at uncovering the real facts and getting to the root causes of your situation. Visit The Team to see who our Experts are.

What we are currently doing...

Establishing the Tanzania Journal of Education (Online Journal)

AECCO Consulting Co. Ltd is establishing the Tanzanian Journal of Education (TJE) which is the first online education journal produced in the country for international consumption. The journal provides a venue for present and aspiring scholars/researchers to disseminate research findings for the purposes of providing the public with information that will support evidence based planning and practices.  For more information on how you can participate please visit the website page at www.tje.co.tz.
Tanzania Network Exhibition (NetXpo) is an annual event held in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania targeting internal and external network service providers, traders (local and international, wholesale and retailers) and users. The first event will be held from 18th to 20th October, 2018 where, as in all other years, exhibited products and services will be exclusive to network related products and services.
NetXpo aims at bringing together individuals and companies wishing to exhibit and sell their services and technologies including software, hardware and mobile/online services. The exhibition also aims at providing the public with an opportunity of seeing new technological advancements all under one roof through observation of different exhibited materials and services.

Organizing Tanzania Skills Award events

TSA is AECCO’s registered trademark aimed at awarding performance to children and youth at different levels to encourage development of entrepreneurship spirit. Competitions to award youth will be done in collaboration with organizations that have similar interest in supporting the development of productive and employability skills for young people. The competitions will be held annually focussing on selected skill sets.
In 2019, TSA will focus on Early Grade Reading with the aim of encouraging the love of reading for children. Although in the future this Award will focus on children throughout the country, this year’s competition will involve children from Dar es Salaam Region only. The aim is to hold reading competitions alongside the Global Action Week for Education (GAWE) which in 2018 takes place between the 22nd and 28th of April emphasizing on the Citizen Participation theme, calling upon parents to encourage their young ones to improve their reading skills.

Developing the UjuziPackage E-Learning Platform

It is a system that gives access to educational information from the worldwide web (WWW) over normal text messages using either feature or smart phone. This system is special because one does not need to own a smart phone, tablet, computer or be connected to the internet to access what is on the worldwide web. Hence it is highly useful for developing countries such as Tanzania where the majority population still own feature phones and have no access to information, particularly for education purposes, that is readily available on the WWW.
The system uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to create technical solutions that are easy to adapt and use. One is just required to text a sensible question to receive a response within just 10 seconds

Organizing International Conference on Basic Education in Tanzania

AECCO Consulting Co. Ltd plans to organize biennial International Conferences on Basic Education in Tanzania (ICBET) the first of which to be held in September 2020.  The ICBET will bring together educators engaged in current research and thinking on issues critical to the development of basic education systems across the world and specifically in developing countries.  It is an opportunity for scholars, researchers, educators, policy makers, funding agencies and the public to engage in discussion and contribute to the strategic directions for improving the quality and comprehensiveness of basic education. 
The ICBET provides an important complement to the Tanzanian Journal of Education (TJE) being published by AECCO, the goal of which is to foster the continued development of a modern, relevant, effective and efficient education system in Tanzania.  The international reach of the TJE draws on a large body of research and practice that will serve as a basis for discussions of strategic actions for Tanzania.  Conversely the ICBET will also provide extensive material for international dissemination through the TJE and its associated publications.

Conducting Consultancies as per the companies areas of service.

So far our focus is on Strategy Development, Policy and Dialogue Processes Review, Forum Organization with special emphasis on Early Childhood Development and Pre and Primary Education

Tanzania Network Exhibition. Our 2018 Exhibitors. Looking forward to seeing you November 2019

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